We’re finishing up a week of record-setting brutally cold weather. It’s unusual for us to spend 24 hours below freezing, and we’ve gone six straight days now. Our pipes froze twice. This morning we awoke to sub-zero temperatures. I’ve never so looked forward to highs in the 40’s.

We have burned about a months’ worth of wood this week, and I have plenty to do outside. But it was so dang cold that I emphasized inside projects instead. For example, today I mapped out this years gardens and we placed our seed order. Gardens and warmer days are coming.

The last day of hunting season brought one final run-in with trespassers. I’m glad that annual ordeal is finally over. I took three deer this season–two for me and one for the food bank. For well over ten years now all the meat I’ve eaten has come from this farm. That’s a good feeling.

I’m very pleased at the positive reviews and feedback I’m starting to get on my book. I was worried it might bomb. It’s a relief to know people are finding merit in it.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s thaw.



10 comments on “Winter

  1. NebraskaDave says:

    Bill, yes, it’s called a frozen America. It finally got warm enough to start some thawing today. Now every thing will be icy in the morning. Just another day in Nebraska. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it this cold but I’ve seen it colder. This week is finally supposed to be above freezing for several days. Yea! I’m starting to set up the seed starting station. It’s way to early to actually start and seeds but I can certainly be checking the seed viability for the seeds that I have left from last year.

    Have a great Winter day.

    Nebraska Dave


  2. Laurie Graves says:

    Cold here in Maine, too. Hope the temp goes up soon. Frozen pipes are no fun. We have never had them, but some of our friends have. Again, congrats on your book.


  3. avwalters says:

    We (those of us in Michigan) have been told to keep quiet about this recent polar plunge. I hear that smug is not attractive. May you all have warmer climes and a gentle thaw. I have friends in Australia whose roads are melting. (47C) That makes me not mind the cold. Here, we just shrug. It’s winter.


  4. BeeHappee says:

    How strange indeed. We are having a record dryest and warmest winter in recorded history of Arizona… no precipitation for 130 days and 60F days. Could be a really bad fire season out West come spring/summer. 😦


  5. Glad your book is doing well. The cold has been brutal here in Missouri too and I”m ready for our warm up this week. Haven been planing out the garden and deciding what seeds will need bought this year too. I’ll buy more than I get planted cause I always do… guess I’m feeling more rested in the winter and forget how tired I get some planting time. 🙂


  6. Brutal cold at the farm in southern Virginia. Snow at the beach of North Carolina! Crazy cold


  7. Congratulations on the hunt and weathering the drop in temperature. We had a wind chill warning, meaning at one point there was a threat of -30s in wind chill–unusual for us even this far north in this climate (no mountains, no prairies). But I wish you warmth so you can grow well. The only benefit of a cold snap like this is that it kills certain bugs that are hard on trees.
    And we’ve burned wood like mad to keep up!


  8. Brrrr, brrr, Bill. Does alliteration help? I’ve been feeling for all of our friends and family in the East, and even in the South. Ah well, it sounds like you are using your inside time wisely. And, as you note, warmer times are coming! –Curt


  9. Dearest Bill,
    It is a miserable cold and wet winter, even in the heart of Georgia and I too look so much forward to warmer and brighter days!
    Even worse is it when you did escape for Christmas and afterwards to the warmer Florida with lots of green around you. Coming back to bitter cold and frost at night for a week is too much.
    We are today getting our front lawn messed up due to a burst in the main water pipe coming alongside the road. One wonders how it can still burst open at such a depth. Earth layers must have been shifting over the years and caused it to lay more slanted till it cracked.
    Hope the muddy mess on this dreary day will soon be over and getting our water back!
    Still have to mail in the check for the book but we had too much out of pocket payment for Pieter’s new and excellent medication that is not yet generic. But we’re grateful he’s alive and doing so much better!


  10. Hi Bill. We met at the book signing I had at Elmo’s. I’m looking forward to reading your book before I attend a reading – might not be the next one but I’ll definitely be at one of them. If you remember I grew up in Canada – but I do loathe those bone-chilling temperatures, even if they were significantly warmer than our northern neighbors. We had four pipes freeze, only one resulted in a mess, thank heavens. Meanwhile, our propane bill will bankrupt us! I finally got on your blog and am enjoying reading your posts.
    Andrea McKinney (aka Andrea P. Woodward)


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