We’re finishing up a week of record-setting brutally cold weather. It’s unusual for us to spend 24 hours below freezing, and we’ve gone six straight days now. Our pipes froze twice. This morning we awoke to sub-zero temperatures. I’ve never so looked forward to highs in the 40’s.

We have burned about a months’ worth of wood this week, and I have plenty to do outside. But it was so dang cold that I emphasized inside projects instead. For example, today I mapped out this years gardens and we placed our seed order. Gardens and warmer days are coming.

The last day of hunting season brought one final run-in with trespassers. I’m glad that annual ordeal is finally over. I took three deer this season–two for me and one for the food bank. For well over ten years now all the meat I’ve eaten has come from this farm. That’s a good feeling.

I’m very pleased at the positive reviews and feedback I’m starting to get on my book. I was worried it might bomb. It’s a relief to know people are finding merit in it.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s thaw.


Jim Wrenn


I am pleased to announce the publication of my novel Jim Wrenn, on the 100th anniversary of the event that inspired it.

The book is now available on Amazon (link HERE) and may also be ordered through libraries, independent book stores and from me directly (5962 Slatesville Road, Keeling VA 24566, $16.95, which includes shipping).

For folks in the area, I will be speaking at Reid Street Gallery in Chatham on January 16 at 6:00 p.m and at Brewed Awakening in Danville on January 27 at 2:00 p.m. At both events I will discuss the story and its historical background. Afterwards I will be available to sign books. There will be an event in the spring at Elmo Store in Halifax County, details to be announced later.

I am excited to introduce these characters to the public. They have come to mean quite a lot to me.