The Good and the Bad

First, the good.

We’ve added another kid to the herd, and she’s a beauty.



The weather has been spectacular. It’s a gorgeous time of year here.


Now, the bad.

Yellowjackets invaded our honeybee hive, ate all the brood and killed or ran off our bees.


This is not only sad, but terribly disappointing. After all the trouble we’ve had keeping bees the past few years we finally had a strong healthy hive. We extracted awesome honey just a couple of weeks ago.

Doubly frustrating is how ecologically inefficient this is. Only the yellowjacket queen survives the winter. All those robbing murdering yellowjackets will soon be dead, and the bees they killed would’ve survived the winter. Sigh.

At this point I doubt we’ll try bees again.

To end on a positive note, our gardens are still flush with veggies and, with or without honeybees, our cup is running over.