Kidding Season


Actually, this is one of our Cream Legbar roosters. He has nothing to do with kidding season. I just thought y’all might enjoy seeing him.

It’s always great to have new kids on the farm. This is an especially nice time of year for them to arrive.







22 comments on “Kidding Season

  1. I did enjoy the rooster very much, thank you. Great kids!!

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  2. Omg I am in love! Love your rooster too, we kept one of our roosters from the freezer this year cause he was so cool


    • Bill says:

      We try to keep 2 rooster, but right now we have four. After losing both our roosters to predators, a neighbor gave us 7 cream legbar chicks–3 hens and 4 roosters. We certainly didn’t want four, but she needed to get rid of all seven and didn’t want to separate them. They’re a rare breed so I’m reluctant to put any of them in the freezer. As long as they don’t fight each other or cause too much trouble for the hens we’ll probably keep all four, at least until we find a home for a couple of them.

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  3. shoreacres says:

    I think someone besides your goats is kidding around, but you’re right: it’s not the rooster!

    The babies are adorable. The one in the first photo looks like it’s saying, “Ah, c’mon. Pucker up!”


  4. Laurie Graves says:

    So much adorableness that I can hardly stand it.

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  5. Joanna says:

    Glad its not just us who give roosters a chance if they behave themselves 😀 We have some lovely looking ones from the ones we raised this year, so will probably try to keep a few more when we put the hens out on the pasture – if they behave and get that far that is 😀 Baby goats I agree are cute, nearly as cute as baby alpacas 😀


    • Bill says:

      I’d prefer not to keep more than two, for the sake of the hens and peace in the barnyard. We’ll see. We just had four chicks hatch and chances are that some of them will be roosters, but I’m hoping for all hens. 🙂

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      • Joanna says:

        Oh I am with you on that. The poor hens with too many roosters 😦 We can keep up to four but each one has about 4 or 5 of his own hens in separate arks, so not a problem. It is just the new ones that have the problems until we are certain what we have and they are big enough to be worth dispatching.


  6. Scott says:

    What’s the roo’s name? We have a barred rock rooster (Andrew Bird) who mostly behaves and is easy with the ladies. At first glance yours looked like ours. One hen hatched out five chicks of his about a month ago. They oughta be an interesting mix.
    Great looking kids there. The pics will have my wife whining for goats!


    • Bill says:

      He doesn’t have a name, at least not yet. If you could see the full bird you’d see they’re quite different from Barred Rocks. I had never even heard of this breed before our friend gave us the chicks.

      I think you’d enjoy raising goats. 🙂


  7. That rooster is worth crowing about, Bill. And you can never have too many kid photos. –Curt


  8. Katie Lynn says:

    I do miss baby goats! Thanks for sharing them! Your rooster is rather handsome.


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