Some more babies arrived.



We extracted honey.



The gardens are giving us goodies.



And the leaves changed.



30 comments on “So…

  1. So precious!!! I would get nothing done but snuggling that cute little baby goat face all day!!


  2. Joanna says:

    Meanwhile we are putting our gardens to bed for the winter 😀 Love the cute goat pictures and jealous of your honey harvest


    • Bill says:

      We dropped below freezing the last two nights, ten days past our average first frost date. But with the temps above freezing during the day our gardens should recover fine. We’re fortunate to still have lots of great produce coming in.

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  3. avwalters says:

    We’re just a little ahead of you–last week’s color has given way to this week’s snow. I’m looking forward to the season–a different pace for more reflective activities.


  4. NebraskaDave says:

    Bill, gardening is done in Nebraska. The temps have been in the lower 20s all week. I have five more beds to get cleaned up before the ground freezes. Most of the leaves are off the trees. It looks like you got quite a haul of honey. Our local honey here is much lighter than yours. Those that sell honey locally like to have clover for the bees to draw their honey from. It’s very sweet and tasty.

    Have a great Virginia day from Brrrr cold Nebraska.


    • Bill says:

      We were very pleased to have such dark honey this time. We had friends come over to extract theirs and it was light–probably mostly clover.

      We dropped below freezing the last two nights–first frost/freezes of the year for us. But it’s warming up again so our gardens will keep going.


  5. Laurie Graves says:

    So darned cute! And that honey.


  6. It is really hard to bet the baby goat! Liked the way the chicks were snuggled in. –Curt

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    • Bill says:

      The hen fooled me at first. I thought she’d only hatched two. I checked on her a couple of times and each time there was a little yellow chick and a little black chick peeking out from under her. Turned out she hatched four–two identical yellow ones and two identical black ones.


  7. Dearest Bill,
    What a lovely post with photos of the animals and the one with the cauliflower brought back fond memories from home when my Dad grew thousands of them for the vegetable auction. My Dad was nicknamed ‘Cauliflower King’ by many housewives who loved his big and tight heads of pure white cauliflower. It sure is an art!
    Hugs and stay cozy and warm.


    • Bill says:

      Cauliflower can be difficult to get right–as you well know! Lots of ours is getting purple streaked now, so we’re keeping it for ourselves. Last night we have cauliflower po’ boys. Delicious. A great substitute for shrimp or oysters. Tonight we had a cauliflower/broccoli curry. Yummy. It’s an excellent veggie and we’re fortunate to have lots of it!

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  8. shoreacres says:

    I love the chicken picture. I found a moorhen a couple of months ago with three chicks buried in her feathers and had one of those sudden revelations: “So that’s why they call them moor hens!


    • Bill says:

      When I was in seminary we were discussing Gerard Manley Hopkins’ poem “God’s Grandeur.” Turned out that I was the only person in the class, including the professor, who understood that poem. Not many people these days know how a hen broods her chicks and VERY few chicks are hatched naturally these days.

      I’m pretty sure I saw a moorhen at our pond last week. First one I’ve seen here.

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  9. Nice photos Bill!
    Hmm… That’s a very deep-coloured honey… What flavour? (If it were up here, I’d be guessing Buckwheat; )


  10. Annie says:

    Sunup to sundown but, oh, the rewards…


  11. Lovely, my tomatoes are setting fruit and beans are blooming in SoFla. Love your goats. And fall color.


  12. ANN K WOOD says:

    Bill, I enjoy the pictures you take! i NEEDED THESE OF THE FARM TONIGHT…WOW, DID i EVER! Thank you for loving all that you do enough to photograph it and share it…makes me smile every time and some times, like tonight shed a tear. Time stands still for nothing and no one…the times they are a changing but not the seasons…not really; they come and go ready or not. God bless you for reminding me there is nothing so constant as change!


  13. John Campbell says:

    Bill, This lady near where I live in NC posted this request for goats. Maybe there is an opportunity for both of you. All the best. enjoy your posts. Farmer John ************************************************************************************************** Hi folks,

    I’m looking to acquire 4 goats, 2 females and 2 males, in mid-December and better suited for meat than milking. Please be in touch if you have some available, thanks, Melissa 919 710 6696

    On Thu, Nov 9, 2017 at 12:08 PM, Practicing Resurrection wrote:

    > Bill posted: ” Some more babies arrived. We extracted honey. The gardens > are giving us goodies. And the leaves changed. ” >


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