Hello September

We still have okra and eggplant coming in. So much okra that I can’t even give it away now. And I don’t even bother picking the eggplant any more.

I have an easier time giving away the purple hull peas. What a great and essential taste of summer. We’ve put away all we need and they’re still coming in, now for the benefit of neighbors.


But we’re in transition. The fall garden is loving the cool wet weather we’ve been having.



I thinned the Asian greens and I’m looking forward to the first stir fry of the season.


A few days ago I caught several brim. (Some of you may know them as bream, sunfish, or various other names.) Usually I throw them back. I haven’t eaten any since I was a kid. But having caught no bass I decided to keep them. Oh my goodness. Absolutely delicious. They’re too small to filet, so you just cut off the head, gut them (very easy) and pan fry them bone-in. They were so good I went back to the pond yesterday to get some more. But, alas, the fish weren’t cooperating. No fish supper for me last night, but I did get a nice shot of this guy.



17 comments on “Hello September

  1. Enjoy those breem/ panfish Bill!! And yes, around here they’re mostly called sunfish, but I have heard both the other names too – also guessing brim/breem is simply a pronunciation thing… (Once bitten, twice shy; )


  2. NebraskaDave says:

    Bill, my fishing experiences in Minnesota has given me many meals of sunfish. The best were what they called a Pumpkin Seed. It larger than normal and has a bright orange breast with black spots on the sides that look like seeds. They will produce a fillet about the side of a hand. Very tasty. I haven’t had one since a teenager but wish I could. Many farm ponds have the smaller sunfish in them but nothing of the size of the Minnesota Pumpkin Seed.

    I’ve started to cleanup the garden here as well. Every thing is winding down and, like you, I don’t need any more and can’t give away any more. It’s been a great year and I’m looking forward to the Winter rest and planning for next year.

    Have a great Fall garden day.


  3. What a beautiful dragonfly! And, as always, pictures of the garden are always interesting and intriguing.

    We woke up this morning to a haze from the many wildfires that are burning around our state–not good! I need to get into the garden this morning after being gone for a few days, and need to deal with the crab we caught over the weekend. Even after giving crab to friends and family, we still have a large bowlful of crabmeat. I think I will can some. I’ve never done that before, but there’s always a first time for everything.


    • Bill says:

      I’m envious of the crabmeat. I was away from the farm yesterday and had to eat lunch at a restaurant. Had crab enchiladas at a little Mexican place. First time I’d eaten any crab in a long time. Obviously we don’t have any on the farm, so it’s not normally part of my diet.


      • I might go for a couple of years without crab–we just can’t get ourselves to pay the price, which is high, even when we are over at the coast. But catching them…..of course, the bait costs something, but we’ve had the traps for years, and occasionally buy a new one for my husband for a birthday or other occasion. Lots of fun to pull them up:)—even better when they are keepers and we get to eat them!

        Crab enchiladas are a great idea, now that I have those little jars of crab.

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  4. hilarymb says:

    Hi Bill – lovely beans – they look good … as too all your veggies. Sounds like the fish was very good – love fresh from the stream or sea fish … enjoy the final harvesting as too any fresh greens that appear – cheers Hilary


  5. Michelle says:

    Beautiful bug shots!


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