Fifty Dollars

So I just read that at the state fair this year there will be a supper of all local foods. Those who attend will have the opportunity to meet the farmers who grew the food. Ticket price is fifty dollars.

This just makes me chuckle and shake my head. Was it really that long ago when most of the people who attended the fair were farmers? When the idea of paying $50 to meet farmers and eat homegrown food would have seemed ridiculous? Maybe they should just set up a tent next to the one with two-headed lady or the monkey-boy, and put some real live farmers in it.

Of the benefits and importance of homesteading, I’m more convinced than ever. Of the food movement, not so much. I know this sort of thing is well-intended, and I’m sure the farmers participating are glad to have the market, but I wonder how many people realize how out-of-touch this is with the realities of rural life.

On a less grumpy note, this is a great time of year for seasonal eating. We don’t have fresh fruit much of the year. But now we have cantaloupes, watermelons and apples. My fruity breakfast was delicious.