More August

It’s a good time of year to be a person here. It’s also a good time of year to be a chicken.


The Cream Legbar chicks a neighbor gave us are growing up.


This guy’s hoarse attempts at crowing are improving rapidly.

Our bad luck with broody hens continues. Once again we’ve had a total failure with a clutch. 12 eggs–zero hatched. I removed the eggs before they exploded, but the hen hasn’t given up her spot. She continues to sit there, with no eggs beneath her.


Chickens are certainly not the brightest creatures on the farm.

On the other hand, for the first time ever we’ve had a kid born in August.


Our goat Jade delivered a stillborn kid this winter and not long after that she went into season. Usually goats time their cycles to deliver in cooler weather. It’s a treat to have the little dude on the farm, even though he’ll have to grow up without any playmates his age.

And, in the most blistering sultry heat I’ve ever experienced here, I got the big fall garden planted.



21 comments on “More August

  1. An August kid, ha?! How funny!

    Sorry to hear about your bad luck with Broodies and hatches! Our Broody hen had 11 under her to start and wound up only hatching a single chick! So funny how that happens!


  2. Val says:

    That kid looks very sweet. Sorry about your chickens. If I give you a link to it, could you I.D. some chickens in a photo I coloured some time back in my blog, for me?

    What are you growing in your field?


    • Bill says:

      I’d be happy to try, but I don’t claim to be an expert at identifying chicken breeds. 🙂

      We’re growing lots of things there–collards, beets, Brussels sprouts, kale, spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbages, Asian greens, etc. Basically all cool-weather crops.


  3. avwalters says:

    Broody one week, soup soon thereafter.


  4. Dalo 2013 says:

    A beautiful kid ~ and while wishing you better on the hatches, with the natural food the hens eat those fried eggs would taste heavenly. Wishing you a great and successful week ahead.


  5. NebraskaDave says:

    Bill, such is life on the homestead. Surprises, disappointments, life, and death, as you well know, all happen every day.. It can be rewarding or heartbreaking but overall I’m sure you wouldn’t really change much.

    Have a great day with the Fall garden. Any thing in the hoop house for the Fall and Winter months yet?


    • Bill says:

      Right now we still have tomatoes in there, and I planted a lot of beans to carry the space until fall. They seem to be doing very well. Still haven’t decided what to plant there in the fall.


  6. Leigh says:

    Great series on August. I’ve been thinking that once Dan gets our barn done, we need to devote the rest of our Augusts strictly to harvesting and preserving. Almost everything seems to peak then.

    We’ve had an unusual year with our broody hens as well. It’s always something.


    • Bill says:

      Now that our summer gardens are starting to bite the dust I finally have time to catch up on the things I’ve been neglecting–like cutting the grass! Such a busy, but satisfying, time of year…


  7. shoreacres says:

    You know how you sometimes stumble across things on the interwebz? Yeh, well… when I stumbled across this chicken video, I started laughing and couldn’t stop. Don’t stop halfway, thinking you’ve seen the trick, because you haven’t. Sometimes life is just great.


  8. Dearest Bill,
    Bad luck with your chickens multiplying but how cute to have a kid being born in summer?!
    Enjoy and you are a determined hard worker regardless the heat.


  9. Huge garden – wow. Impressive and I see good eating in your future. 🙂 Love the little kid. We had three once, and I remember sitting in a rocker in the barn with all three in my lap. 🙂


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