After a very strong start, our tomatoes have rather suddenly bitten the proverbial dust. The German Johnsons growing outside have nearly all succumbed to blight and it looks like the three varieties in the hoop house are soon to follow.

Blight is airborne and might have floated into the hoop house on its own, but I suspect the vector was me. Before I realized the significance of what I was doing, I would sometimes pick the tomatoes growing outside, then go into the hoop house and pick those. Big mistake. I think it likely that I carried the blight into the hoop house on my arms and clothes. Once I realized the risk, I always picked in the hoop house first and never went into the hoop house after working with the outside tomatoes, without first showering and changing clothes. Chalk it up as an important lesson learned.

But, in any event, I’ve eaten a lot of tomato sandwiches.


And of course we’ve enjoyed them plenty of other ways too, and the cupboard is fully stocked with sauce and salsa.

And even as the vines die, there’s still plenty of tomatoes to keep us happy for a while yet.