The Wait is Over

Now maybe we can have our garage back.

Earlier this year a pair of barn swallows built a nest in it before we realized what was happening. After that we couldn’t shut the doors (as they needed access to their nest). Then when the eggs hatched we could no longer park our vehicles in the garage, because last year the cat used them as a platform from which to leap toward the nest and swat it down with his evil murderous catarm.

Finally the little swallows fledged. We waited till we were sure they were no longer using the nest before re-taking possession of our garage. But, alas, we waited too long and Mama Swallow (Ethel, to her friends) laid more eggs and started the process over again.

We’ve been watching the four babies grow, seeing the nest becoming almost absurdly crowded.


Then yesterday they finally screwed up the courage to fly. In our a garage, a barn swallow party followed. At one point there were six or seven swooping in and out of the garage.


Three of the fledglings, resting.

Today, doggone it, I’m parking in the garage.