The days are long now, but not long enough to do all that needs doing.


It’s a busy time of year. It’s a great time of year. It’s a great time of year to be busy.




The sweet corn is excellent this year.



What’s left of it.



Corn Thief

I could complain about that, but I won’t.

We have nothing to complain about.




26 comments on “Midsummer

  1. Such gorgeous produce Bill; you do yourself(selves: ) proud! And who could be upset for long with fuzzy-nosed buddies like that?; )
    But – speaking of fuzzy – such a sweet little buzzer in your ocra! She obviously loves those blossoms as much as I do. Great pic!!


  2. NebraskaDave says:

    Bill, yes, it’s harvest time here as well. Our tomatoes are a bit slow this year. June 29th a hail storm came through and didn’t damage the plants too much but knocked all the blooms off the plants so we are just now starting to get tomatoes from the plants. The sweet corn is amazing this year. I’ve harvested one bed and have another ready for harvest. There’s two more after that. I put up the electric fence again but this year it’s only a single strand. It seems to be working just fine to keep those night marauders out of the sweet corn. Green beans cucumbers, squash, and, onions all look good. I’m not one to preserve my produce but just give it away. This year I canned five quarts of pickles in the water bath and seven quarts of green beans in the pressure canner. I had forgotten our wonderful the taste of green beans fresh out of the garden were. The corn I just shuck and eat right out of the garden. No cooking required.

    I have two beds open for Fall planting but haven’t decided yet what will be going in these beds. Perhaps one bed will be peas and maybe some spinach. I love this time of the year. All the work and effort starts paying off.

    Have a great day in the garden. .

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  3. Impressive! My mouth is watering and I’m inspired to visit the farmer’s market today to find some tomatoes that might resemble yours.
    Amazing how much creatures can eat. I thought I’d outsmarted the groundhogs that regularly decimated my vegetable garden by planting peach trees instead. So promising in their bounty. We managed to nab 4 before the squirrels ate the rest. Sigh.


    • Bill says:

      It’s a constant battle. Squirrels have eaten most of our mushroom logs and raccoons took most of the sweet corn. We just keep on trying new things and hoping for the best.

      Hope you found the tomatoes you were looking for. πŸ™‚

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  4. thecrazysheeplady says:

    We got hit by the bandits too this year :-(.


  5. Laurie Graves says:

    Such a sweet time of year, and such a sweet picture of you and your friend. Oh, those raccoons!


  6. Vegetables are magnificent! Wish I was nearby. Ants got into my Mangoes this year! Weird.


  7. avwalters says:

    Okra has such beautiful flowers–I’m tempted to plant them around the house…except for the deer. I always find myself playing defense to the furry critters.


  8. Wow, that all looks gorgeous! And that picture of you and the goat makes me soooo happy!

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  9. Michelle says:

    Lovely post; peaceful!


  10. How neat, Bill. Made me smile. –Curt

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  11. Dee Ready says:

    Dear Bill, for many years I did so like to be busy about life–doing all those things that brought me closer to the who I wanted to be. Now, I delight in “non” busy-ness. But a farm demands that we sojourn on it. That we plant and harvest and be good carers of the planet. Thank you for that.

    As to the veggies: I so love eggplant and seeing the corn–before the raccoon got to it–reminded me that yesterday a friend gave me four ears! So I know what supper will be tonight. Peace.


    • Bill says:

      There is a rhythm to life here. In the summer the days are long and so is the list of chores. We stay really busy, and go to bed tired. In the winter the days are short and there isn’t much to do. I spent much more time then with books. And I rest.


  12. BeeHappee says:

    You are high tech, Bill. I need to catch the thief that steals every single of my seedlings.


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