Squash and Onions

Yesterday I spent our 4th of July holiday as I have for the past few years–harvesting onions. We have a beautiful bumper crop this year, the best we’ve ever grown I think. Maybe, for once, we won’t run out before next 4th of July.



Most of the day was spent with the onions, but I also picked green beans, blueberries, zucchini and squash. I enjoy celebrating that kind of independence.


We grow yellow squash, but only because we’re market gardeners. We’ve grown lots of different varieties over the years, but if we were only growing for ourselves we’d grow nothing but Zephyr. It’s the tenderest and tastiest squash we’ve eaten. And beautiful, to boot. Highly recommended.



To my American friends, a belated happy Independence Day! And to all, I hope you had an enjoyable day yesterday, whether you celebrated a holiday or not.