Time for Nightshades

Now that the brassicas have mostly all bitten the dust, this is the time of year when the nightshades step to the front.

We’re harvesting beautiful Yukon Gold potatoes.


The Italian variety isn’t ready yet, but we’re enjoying delicious Japanese eggplant.


Still waiting on the bell peppers, but we’re picking our yellow banana peppers.


I am SO ready for the first of (hopefully) hundreds of tomato sandwiches. Looks like we have about another week to go.




Johnny’s hoop house variety


German Johnson

It’s a great time of year for seasonal eating. Last night we enjoyed a delicious Tuscan soup, made with freshly picked shiitake mushrooms and right-from-the-garden squash and eggplant.

On an entirely different subject, I invite you all to visit my new blog Small Enough for a Story, which will focus on local history (broadly defined). It is a work in progress.