Sweet Potato Change of Plans and a Drone Visitor

It has rained almost six inches here over the past two weeks, beginning the day I picked up the 650 sweet potato slips I’d ordered from a local nursery. All that rain made it impossible to work the soil, so most of those slips are now in a bucket, destined for the compost pile. Most, but not all. Changing plans, I planted as many as possible in the raised beds where the lettuce and tatsoi had been. I had intended to plant carrots there for the fall, but will have to shift those plans around too. Instead of hundreds of sweet potato plants in the garden, now we’ll have hundreds more purple hull pea plants instead.

There I at least two lessons in this I reckon. First, when weather fouls up your planting plans, try to shift things around and make the best of it. Second, it’s better to start your own slips (as we used to do) so that you have the flexibility to draw them just before planting.

Yesterday morning at dawn we had a film crew on the farm, working on a project for our local hospital.

film crew

I’ve often thought that if I ever saw a drone flying around this place, I’d shoot it. Instead, when it finally happened, the drone shot me.

me and drone

The reaction of the animals was interesting. At first the goats ran away and hid on the other side of the barn, cautiously approaching once their curiosity overtook their fear.  The chickens stayed in their coop the whole time, presumably taking the thing to be a strange new bird of prey. A young buck deer watched us from a safe distance, seemingly fascinated.