Every night, after supper, we go for a walk, which we call our “paseo.”

Most of the year we walk along interior farm roads, past our pond and through the woods. But in the summer the ticks prevent that. This time of year we walk mostly along the paved road, a round trip of over two miles along the border of our farm.

It’s a peaceful and quiet road, which bears the name this community once had. It is rich with history and memories. We usually have it to ourselves. We never fail to see wildlife, but it’s unusual to see a motor vehicle.

These pictures don’t do it justice, but I thought I’d share some shots I took on our paseo.




I really love this place.


22 comments on “Paseo

  1. Laurie Graves says:

    Oh, lovely! And what a nice way to end the day.

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  2. NebraskaDave says:

    Bill, I’ve just returned from visiting family in Las Vegas. All my family is from Nebraska but about 30 years ago Dad retired from a truck mechanic business and he and Mom moved there because of his severe allergies. Soon after my sister and her family moved there and when my older two children graduated high school they moved there. They have been after me for 25 years to move there with them and when I retired in 2009, they stepped up the pressure. That won’t happen. I love every thing about Nebraska and until I can’t take care of myself and just can’t live alone any more my life is here in Nebraska. It’s where my heritage history is from the beginning. It’s where my part of the history will end.

    Any way my comment got a little off track. I wanted to express the joys of exercise in leisure. During my time away in Las Vegas very little exercise happened. About the fourth day of just sitting, talking, and riding around in the car, my back started to hurt, then a couple days later my knees started getting stiff, and as the days passed by the body just kept going down hill. About a week into the 10 days of vacation we went to the strip and walked around to the different specialty stores like Coca-Cola, Hershey’s, and M&M stores. My body responded and started getting back to normal. The next day I helped with a food rescue ministry that my sister’s church runs. They pick up 35 to 40 thousand pounds of food donated from different stores around Las Vegas and distribute it to the needy every week. I helped pick up 2500 pounds of bread from a couple bread stores. That was it. No more back ache, still knees, or other body issues. Exercise is very key to remaining healthy and staying in good condition. I do love visiting family but I have to say, I’m glad to be back home, working in the garden, mowing grass, etc.

    Have a great relaxing nightly walk with company you love.

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    • DM says:

      Dave, you and I are cut out of the same cloth… (exercise/ physically active,and planning to stay put where I live, just as long as I can) We live in Iowa, and one of the things I really appreciate is being able to experience all 4 of the seasons. DM

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      • NebraskaDave says:

        DM, yes, I lived in St. Louis for seven years in my 20s. When I returned to Nebraska, I noticed the very distinct seasons and never knew I missed them until I moved back. Right then I made a vow never to move away again. Each season has it’s activities that can be enjoyed. When those activities start getting old the next season comes with all new things to experience. My favorite season is Spring with all the new life and Spring flowers.

        Have a great ending Spring and beginning summer day.

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      • DM says:

        I think Fall is my favorite season. the smells, the cooler nights, the harvest…the first snow…although nothing quite like getting toasty warm in my Carharts and heading out into a good snow storm and feeling the raw cold against my bearded face. πŸ™‚

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    • Bill says:

      Thanks for the great comment Dave. When I was growing up I never had any intention to stay here. There really isn’t much opportunity here for a kid with my interests and desires. So off I went. But as I grew older I got more and more homesick. I am bound to this place in ways that can’t be adequately described in words. Now that I’m home again, I’m here to stay. As you so well put it, “It’s where my part of the history will end.”


  3. What’s not to love? A beautiful place and a lovely tradition. Not forgetting to stop and smell the roses is a good thing.

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    • Bill says:

      A long peaceful walk at the end of the day is both a nice way to unwind, and a great opportunity to take that kind of “stop and smell the roses” break. It’s become an essential part of our rhythm of living.

      It’s a good way to finish off a day, especially in the summer. These days it stays light until after 9. So when we finish our walk (usually by about 8:45) I still have evening chores to do. By the time I get inside and have my shower it’s almost bedtime.

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      • Joanna says:

        As late as 9 πŸ˜€ It is 9:30pm as I write this and still as light as day. I like the idea of an evening walk but it is the mosquitoes I’m avoiding


  4. Dee Ready says:

    Dear Bill, as a child I lived in the country on 20 acres. The road fronting the acreage was traveled by gas tankers and the cars of neighbors going far and wee. No sidewalks so we really couldn’t walk on the side of the road because of the backdraft from the tankers. But oh, each day, I’d walk to the wide creek that ran through our far on the way to the Missouri River. There I’d sit on the bak on a boulder jutting out into the stream. I’d read and meditate and feel the joy of simply being. I think your farm and your paseo must do that for you. Peace.

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  5. Phuong says:

    It looks beautiful and peaceful. Hopefully with the warm weather the ground will dry out enough to get your sweet potato slips in the ground soon. And I’m sorry to hear about the destructive storm that went through your area the other night.


    • Bill says:

      It rained even more yesterday with more on the way. There is no way we’ll be able to work that garden any time soon. So I’ve change up our plans a bit. The slips will go in the raised beds instead. I’m pulling up the spent lettuce and tatsoi now. We’ll plant far fewer of them but they’ll do well in there. I had planned to plant carrots there in a couple of months but will now have to rethink that. It will all work out. πŸ™‚


  6. allisonmohr says:

    I follow a blog from New England who has a farm and animal sanctuary. They keep a flock of guinea fowl who are just murder on ticks. Ticks are just evil!


    • Bill says:

      The tick invasion (and all the tick-borne diseases that have come with it) is a result of the deer population explosion. Nowadays it’s nearly impossible to walk in the woods or a grassy field without getting them. They’re not much of a problem around our house, but in the depths of the farm they’re terrible.


  7. hilarymb says:

    Hi Bill – I’m not surprised you love it … looks quite delightful .. cheers Hilary


  8. BeeHappee says:

    I love that word, “paseo”. Germans have “Spaziergang” and Russians love “Pogulyat”, but living in the southern parts, one really gets to appreciate really refreshing siesta and paseo. ❀


    • Bill says:

      My old college roommate lives in Spain. We visited him there many years ago and there it is part of the culture to take a long walk after supper. They call it a “paseo.”

      They eat supper very late there, at least in the summer. One of the highlights of the visit was the paseo down a quiet country moonlit road. It was about midnight and the whole village, young and old, was out walking.

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