I finished planting our summer gardens yesterday, just as the rain began. The timing turned out to be perfect. It rained most of the night, turning the soil to mud. I haven’t checked the gauge yet this morning, but I suspect last night’s downpour puts us close to 10 inches over the past two weeks.

I planted:

Italian eggplant
Asian eggplant
Acorn squash
Hubbard squash
German Johnson tomatoes
Sweet corn
Bell peppers
Banana peppers
Butternut squash
Spaghetti squash
Zephyr summer squash
Yellow straightneck squash
Safari zucchini
Roma tomatoes
Green Beans (Roma variety)
Black Beans
Cantaloupes (Hale’s Best)
Watermelons (Crimson Sweet)

Tomorrow is opening day of our principal farmers market, so I’ll spend most of today picking and cleaning veggies. In the mud. I’m looking forward to it.