The spring round of kidding seems to be over on White Flint Farm. There are a few mamas who haven’t kidded, but from the looks of them they weren’t bred. Everyone else has given birth.


As I’ve mentioned before, kid mortality can be very high in Boers. We’ve had years when it was as high as 50%. In that regard this season was extraordinary.  We had 23 births and 22 of them were alive. Only one required post-natal intervention (she was hypothermic) and she quickly recovered.


Unfortunately it wasn’t all smooth sailing. We lost five kids to coyotes. I’ve been worried about that happening ever since our Great Pyr guard dog died, but we’ve been reluctant to replace him. Over the next few years we had no trouble, so I quit worrying so much about it. The timing of their return causes me to believe that our horse Rowan (who died this winter) must have been keeping them away. Once we realized what was happening I’ve solved the problem (temporarily) by locking the kids in the barn at night. We’re working on other solutions too.


The perpetrator. My enemy.

But, returning to the bright side, we now have 17 healthy happy and playful kids in our main pasture–always a joy to see.