The Gardens


A couple of days of heavy rain followed by high temps and bright sunshine has the gardens popping.

I thought y’all might be interested to know what’s coming in here now, and what’s on the way.

Picking now:

Lettuce Mix (raised beds)
Tatsoi (raised beds)
Siberian kale
Curly Scotch kale
Red Russian kale
Mustard greens
Bok choy

Almost ready to start picking:

Swiss Chard
Romaine lettuce
Chinese cabbage

Planted and ready for harvest this summer:


Growing now in the hoop house:
Green Beans
Delicata Squash
October Beans

Next week we’ll begin planting our summer gardens. We’re anticipating planting:

Winter Squash (Butternut and Spaghetti)
Summer Squash
October Beans
Green Beans
Black Beans
Bell peppers
Sweet Corn
Eggplant (Asian and Italian)
Acorn Squash
Hubbard Squash

It’s a great, busy, delicious time of year.

26 comments on “The Gardens

  1. shoreacres says:

    Oh, my gosh. The photo’s gorgeous, and the list is making my mouth water. I’d love to be able to be one of your customers — it all looks so good.


  2. thesnowwoman says:

    Wow look at those gardens! It is a wonderful sight.


  3. Wow -sounds wonderful Bill! ♡
    Diana xo


  4. Beautiful photo and everything sounds great I think my asparagus is about done but it sure has been good . My broccoli is a bit late but it won’t be long. For having a early spring I’m behind but it will be ok.


    • Bill says:

      Our broccoli is just starting to form heads now. The asparagus should be good for another month. We’ve already put up a lot for winter. Love this time of year.


  5. NebraskaDave says:

    Bill, your garden looks amazing. Does the fence keep the deer out of the garden? It doesn’t look high enough for that. I’m glad to hear that the tunnel is doing good. Some time in the future I may look into having a small tunnel portable tunnel that can be erected over a couple raised beds but that’s a few years away after the rest of the garden is developed.

    My thrust this year is to get started on developing the irrigation system that will eventually be automated. The experiment will be with the tomatoes and green peppers this year. Do you have irrigation inside your tunnel? If so, what kind is it? I’ve been researching many different kinds which can be useful for my application.

    Have a great garden day on the White Flint Farm.

    Nebraska Dave


    • Bill says:

      The electrified net fences work well, until they don’t. But seriously the deer respect them most of the time. Usually they don’t start jumping them until fall, when they’re getting hungrier. This year we’re using double fences, which helps. My understanding is that deer don’t have good depth perception so don’t like to jump something if there is an obstruction behind it.

      We use drip tape to irrigate in the hoop house. One thing I’m appreciating is the huge reduction in weeds that comes from excluding rain and doing no overhead irrigation.


  6. DM says:

    Wow. Would love to spend a growing season with you learning the ropes.


  7. Nita says:

    Amazing! Still cold and wet here, no chance of working any soil for awhile 😦


    • Bill says:

      We were lucky to have good weather at planting time. It’s rained 7.5 inches here in the last week so the soil is way too wet to work now. Will probably delay our summer planting, which would normally begin on Monday.


  8. Wow, Bill! Plentiful and, no doubt, delicious too. Send some over here!


  9. Impressive list of delectables!
    My asparagus is popping up—much too early for here, but I’m guess the extra warmth from being in a double raised bed might be what’s doing it. Who am I to complain?? YUM!


  10. “Great, busy, and delicious…” Sounds wonderful. I know the “busy” means a lot of work, though, Bill. –Curt


  11. Joanna says:

    We only have things either growing inside the greenhouse or outside under fleece due to an unseasonal warm spell earlier that is now well and truly over. At least the mizuna has come through and radishes, but most certainly we will not be harvesting much soon. As for putting much more in the greenhouse, unlikely, because the chickens and the caravan are stiil in there due to the cold and the fact that there are avian flu restrictions which means poultry inside till July (no the chickens will not be in there that long, they will be going to where the sheep are when they move out, which will be when the grass grows! Phew!)


    • Bill says:

      One reason is posted the list is because I thought readers around the country/world would like to compare where we are vs. where they are. I see fellow gardeners in the south who are about to begin harvesting summer veggies, when we haven’t even planted ours yet. I think our climate is probably ideal for food production, but I’m biased.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Joanna says:

        I like the idea of growing veg over the winter, even if it is in hoop houses, but I also like the idea of a winter off. Everything is slow this year, despite it’s early start as the nights are still so cold.


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