It Begins


Within in a few hours of my publishing yesterday’s post, our goat Sharona delivered triplets.



Twelve hours later

They’re a fine looking trio–two males and a female.



On another subject, the spring gardens are all in now. For some reason I do not understand, our English peas were a fail. We’ve always planted an entire garden of them in the past, but they’re so labor-intensive that this year we reduced it to just one row, for ourselves. Strangely, even though we had excellent germination with all the rest of our direct-seeded veggies, even the ones that are notoriously difficult, the peas (usually the easiest thing to grow in the spring) didn’t come up. Must have been bad seed. In any event, I replanted the row yesterday in broccoli.

Even as we’re watching the spring plantings mature, we’re starting to prep the summer gardens, which will planted in early May.

Lately we’ve been enjoying asparagus fresh from the garden.


It’s a great time of year.