This Month, But Not Yet

I should have made a note of the exact dates to expect our kids. I recall that our buck became amorous at a time that would assure April births, but I don’t recall exactly when. I used to be more careful about keeping track of that. In any event, we’re still waiting.

The two that were born a month ago were the products of one or two of our little bucklings, just before they went to market.


One month old

Meanwhile the kids who were born last fall are nearly as big as their mamas now. We’ll take the bucklings to market next month and keep the doelings.


Growing up

The good news is that it’s warm and dry now. So when these mamas finally get around to having their babies (and from the looks of things that could be any day now), we shouldn’t have to worry about weather-related complications.


Her name is Dolly. Really. And this was taken a couple of days ago. She’s even more Dollyesque now.