Even Now

I recall reading once that our ancestors thought of early spring as “the starving time,” rather than the dead of winter. Just as spring would begin to arrive, the world turning green in promise of coming abundance, the food stored for winter would begin to spoil or run out, before the bounty of spring and summer had appeared. It seems a cruel time to be hungry.

Of course very few of us go hungry these days while waiting for nature to start generating food again. If early spring was once considered a starving time, that’s a thing of the past now.

No one is starving here on White Flint Farm, but this is the time of year when we have the fewest fresh things coming in. We still have plenty of great food in storage, but our overwintered veggies are gone and the veggies we planted in March aren’t mature yet.

So what’s a seasonal eater to do?

No problem. The hens know spring is here so they’re laying like crazy. Thanks to the rains we have shiitake mushrooms blooming on our logs. And, best of all, the asparagus is coming in strong.

An asparagus and mushroom omelet perhaps?

Take care of a place and it will take care of you. It feels good to be in a relationship like that.