Following up on yesterday’s post, last night when we went to place fertilized eggs under our broody hen we were surprised to discover a chick beneath her wings.

It seems that when we removed the chicks after she rejected them, one was inadvertently left behind and then taken under wing.

Great. So we took the remaining eleven chicks and reintroduced them to their adoptive mama, who seemed pleased to have them. Problem solved.

Well, not so fast. As insurance I put a heat lamp in the brooder coop, so that if there was a problem with the new chicks they wouldn’t die of exposure.

This morning when I went to check on them, I found one chick happily peeking out from under the hen and the other eleven huddled under the heat lamp. Good grief.



Checked on this motley crew too, and still no new babies.


Any day now.

Postscript to the Postscript:

I cut off the heat lamp and guess what? All twelve chicks are now huddled beneath the hen, who is clucking with satisfaction. Problem solved after all.