Goings On

We’re down to one rooster and he is evidently a dud (as a friend puts it). Last year we tried to hatch two clutches from his flock and only one egg hatched. This year we tried again and none hatched.

So yesterday I asked a friend if I could have a dozen fertilized eggs from their farm. I hate to have the mama sit another three weeks but she seems determined not to give up. But later I had to go to the feed store for salt blocks and they had chicks for sale. So I decided to try a different approach.

I bought a dozen chicks (which we don’t need) and last night I tried switching them for the unhatched eggs. I did those once before a couple of years ago and it worked perfectly. The hen assumed the chicks were hers and she brooded them.

But this attempt was a fail. The hen not only wouldn’t accept the chicks, but she was aggressive toward them. So now we’re brooding a dozen new chicks and I’ll be going to my friend’s place for fertilized eggs later today.



In the glow of the heat lamp


The would-be Mama, in a huff. “Don’t be bringing those chicks around here.”

Still waiting on more goat babies. I put in the spring garden and it’s weed-free and beautiful (a condition that will not last long).


The asparagus is starting to arrive, along with apple blossoms.


And we have hundreds of crickets in the hoop house. Any advice on what to do about that would be appreciated.

Happy Spring y’all.