Thinking About Taters

A couple of days ago I sowed our raised beds with lettuce and tatsoi. The tentative plan is to start planting our transplants in a couple of weeks. Between now and then, if the weather cooperates, we’ll plant our potatoes.

We’ve planted lots of varieties over the years, but beginning last year we decided to just stick with one, our favorite–Yukon Gold.

I also experimented with a new planting method last year and it worked well (and saved lots of labor). This year I plan to plant the entire garden that way.

We also stopped saving our own potato seed. For many years we had planted only saved potatoes from the previous year. But we came up short a couple of years ago and I had to buy a bag of seed potatoes in order to finish and the seed we bought significantly outperformed our saved seed. It could have been a fluke that had nothing to do with our seeds, but that was enough to cause me to start buying seed potatoes again–influenced as well by the fact that a 50 lb bag of seed potatoes costs about 15% of our retail price for potatoes. We usually still have enough leftover potatoes to plant our garden if some catastrophe happens and seed isn’t available, but that is no longer our first choice.

If at all possible I’ll plant on St. Patrick’s Day, the traditional day for planting potatoes. But with rain in the forecast next week that might not happen. Either way, I’m looking forward to having them planted.