We had no intention of owning livestock when we first moved back here. But our daughter was horse-crazy, so we agreed to buy her a horse. So she would have a riding buddy, we also got one for her friend who lives down the road.

We bought the horses from a nearby girls boarding school. Often when the girls graduate they’re unable to take their horses with them, so they donate their horses to the school. Our daughter got a black mare named Domino and her friend got a big gelding named Rowan.

I have great memories of seeing the girls riding, and the lessons our daughter learned from taking care of her horse have been beneficial to her in the grown-up world.

About 8 years ago Domino contracted a rare disease that caused her to lose her ability to balance. We had to have her put down, breaking our daughter’s heart. And Rowan’s.

He eventually adapted to life among the goats. Occasionally affectionate, often grumpy and always amusing, Rowan has been featured in plenty of my posts over the years.

Rowan passed away on Wednesday. Although he was entering horse old age, his death was unexpected.

We buried him in the pasture next to his old friend Domino.

He will be missed.