Seeds and Spring

Our seed order has arrived and I’ve mapped out our planting strategy for the year.

For the spring, our principal garden will be about 7500 square feet (app. 1600 row feet).We’ll also plant about 1000 row feet of Yukon Gold potatoes. Our raised beds will be planted with lettuce and tatsoi (mostly lettuce).

Our spring crops will be collards, English peas, arugula, chard, three varieties of kale, romaine lettuce, beets, Chinese cabbage, mustard greens, broccoli, radishes, turnips, spinach, lettuce mix and tatsoi. Of course we’ll also continue to harvest the over-wintered lettuce, spinach, kale and turnips in the hoop house.

We don’t have a greenhouse and have limited capability for seed starting. So we’ll start our kale seedlings here, but we’ll get our collards, romaine, broccoli and Chinese cabbage from a nearby nursery. We’ll direct seed everything else.

That ought to give us plenty of production in the spring.

I’ve mapped out the summer and fall schedule too. We like to experiment a little each year. This year we’re trying Blue Hubbard squash for the first time, as well as BHN-589 tomatoes, a variety from Johnny’s intended specifically for hoop house growing. Despite my many prior failures, I’m also going to try carrots again. We’ll plant them in our raised beds in the late summer.

I’m still not sure what we’re going to do in the hoop house next fall. We’re still learning, so I’m going to stay flexible on that.

It’s almost time to get the party started. We’ll start sowing seed trays in a little over two weeks.