In Praise of Potatoes

My breakfast included potatoes, fried with onions and peppers. Last night Cherie made a delicious potato soup as part of our Christmas supper. As we slip deeper into winter it’s easy to appreciate potatoes as possibly the ideal homesteaders food.

They’re easy to grow and easy to store–no canning, drying, pickling or freezing necessary.

This time of year our stored potatoes can start looking a little gnarly. Some look like the wrinkled heads of very old men. Others are beginning┬áto sprout, and are starting to┬áresemble bizarre space aliens. But they’re still delicious and nourishing, despite appearances.

We no longer depend upon potatoes to keep us alive in the winter, as many of our ancestors did, and that’s a good thing. But it is good to know that they’re down there in our basement, ready to be converted to meals whenever we need them.

So this morning I tip my cap to the humble spud. And in about three months it will be time to plant some more.