We had a very  mild start to the season of cold, but now our grace period seems to have ended. It was 19 outside when I woke yesterday. Today it’s 24. On mornings like this I take my time finishing my coffee, knowing the chickens won’t be in any rush to leave their coops.



I made sure to load extra wood in the stove last night, so there isn’t any rush to add more this morning. I stay busy and there’s plenty to do, but keeping wood in the stove is just about the only thing I have to do this time of year.

We’re done with this cycle of kidding, so I don’t have to worry that there are any freezing newborns in the pasture. With their warm coats, weather like this doesn’t bother the kids at all.


When they do feel a little chilly, they snuggle.


This is the quiet unhurried time of year that we look forward to during the summer. Time to do some service and maintenance on the equipment. Time to work on my “winter projects” list.

And since it’s dark by 5:30 now, so there’s way more time to spend with books.

Welcome winter. We’ve been expecting you.


26 comments on “Winter

  1. thecrazysheeplady says:

    I welcome winter as well :-).


  2. You have earned that quiet unhurried time, when even the chickens and goats are helping you to slow down a little.


  3. Yes, more books and more knitting!


  4. Dani says:

    With the last three weeks of temps in the mid-to-late 30oC’s and even higher temps to come in the months of Jan / Feb and March, I can’t wait for winter. My roots are showing – I was born in the UK many moons ago, and it’s that weather that my body is craving…


  5. avwalters says:

    Winter is here now, too. We enjoyed the reprieve, using its late arrival for additional outdoor work. But now it’s time to go inside –to finish the interior of our home and to write and read. Ours bees are wrapped and cozy for winter (with emergency rations at hand and a layer of pine chips to absorb excess moisture.) The only pressing outdoor chore is snow removal. There’s a lot of that. Rick fired up the blower yesterday for the first run of it. Between the construction site and the apartment, he clears nearly six hundred feet of driveways and untold extra for the paths around the house and down to the garden. We keep areas around the garden clear, even in winter, because otherwise the deer and bunnies will use the higher elevated snow layer as access over the otherwise deer and bunny-proof fencing. Depending upon the year, snow removal can be a half-time job.


    • Bill says:

      I’ve never thought about the necessity of snow removal in your climate. Here snow doesn’t hang around very long. Our winters can be sloppy and muddy from melted snow, and we’ll sometimes have to scrape off the driveway in order to get out, but nothing like what you have to deal with.

      We’ve only got one hive now and I’m hoping they make it through the winter. Of course our winters are much much milder than yours.


      • avwalters says:

        With the bees, I’m learning that it’s not the cold that does them in. First, we all have the problem of mites and the diseases they carry. Hopefully just good beekeeping practices will give us an edge on that.

        Then the issues specific to winter are adequate food supply, moisture and air flow management. We need to keep hive humidity low and breeziness to a minimum. We do insulate the hives–but without moisture management, insulation can create more problems than solutions. This year, in addition to ample honey, we’ve put in ten pounds of candy board as insurance. Our fingers are crossed as we


  6. I’ve settled down with my yarn and art supplies and the seed catalogs. The longer fall seems to have put me behind in those things but plenty of time to catch up :0)


  7. I’m not a fan of winter, but this post reminds there is good in everything – including winter! ❤
    Diana xo


  8. Welcome indeed! Our winter has been slow in coming and as an avid skier, it’s maddening. But today the flakes are coming down heavily and I’m anticipating a late night ski.
    And yes-books! ….though I make time for an hour each evening before bedtime. This time of year I can read to my hearts content. But by February, I’m antsy to get back in the garden…which is laughable as we are still neck deep in snow for a few more months!
    Enjoy the rest…….

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    • Bill says:

      During the rest of the year my reading time (like yours) is the one hour before bedtime. But this time of year it’s dark so early and there isn’t so much to do, so I usually get in 2-3 hours with books. 🙂

      Like you, soon enough I’ll be anxious for spring to arrive.


  9. ain't for city gals says:

    In the beautiful state of Arizona we enjoy every day of our winter…quite the opposite of most. We are at 3000 foot elevation and though it can get cold today was about 60 degrees and wonderful. Now summer is a different story…


    • Bill says:

      In Florida we had lots of people who came only for the winter, then headed back north when the heat and humidity started cranking up. We called them snowbirds. I’m guessing you have them there too.


  10. shoreacres says:

    I enjoy winter, but I don’t enjoy working in winter. We’re finally getting to the cold part of the year, and there’s nothing quite so exciting as being out on the docks in 35 degrees with a damp, east wind. Still, there can be reprieves. This month and January, I have some interior work, so rain and freezing cold won’t be such issues.

    Otherwise? I love it. I like the fog, the rain, the storms, and the short days. Maybe it’s my Celtic blood. I should be out on the moors, draped in a cape and mourning whatever moor-walkers mourn. 🙂


    • Bill says:

      I’m usually reluctant to go out into the cold to work, but once I get started it usually isn’t bad. I can see doing your job in bad weather would be miserable though. I have to move around enough to stay warm and moisture won’t spoil my work.

      My favorite winter days are sunny. Even if it’s cold, the sunshine makes it more bearable. Today is cold and rainy. It’s not very fun to be outside on a day like this.


  11. Sounds like a well-earned rest to me, Bill. –Curt


  12. Ed says:

    I like this time of year, especially after the holidays are over. It is the one time I can build a nice fire and spend an afternoon reading a book and nobody says I should be outside doing something more productive!


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