We had a very ¬†mild start to the season of cold, but now our grace period seems to have ended. It was 19 outside when I woke yesterday. Today it’s 24. On mornings like this I take my time finishing my coffee, knowing the chickens won’t be in any rush to leave their coops.



I made sure to load extra wood in the stove last night, so there isn’t any rush to add more this morning. I stay busy and there’s plenty to do, but keeping wood in the stove is just about the only thing I have to do this time of year.

We’re done with this cycle of kidding, so I don’t have to worry that there are any freezing newborns in the pasture. With their warm coats, weather like this doesn’t bother the kids at all.


When they do feel a little chilly, they snuggle.


This is the quiet unhurried time of year that we look forward to during the summer. Time to do some service and maintenance on the equipment. Time to work on my “winter projects” list.

And since it’s dark by 5:30 now, so there’s way more time to spend with books.

Welcome winter. We’ve been expecting you.