The folks with StoryCorps travel around the country recording brief oral histories to preserve in the Library of Congress (details HERE). The format is interesting: the subject is interviewed by a friend or family member for about 30 minutes. I’m a fan of the project.

They were in our nearby town in October, in conjunction with a “local history/local food” event at our community center/farmers market. An invitation went out looking for people willing to do the interviews, and asking that the topic be somehow related to local food culture.

So I interviewed my Mama, focusing on her childhood. She became the lead cook in her family at age 7. In those days that meant cooking on a wood stove. Quite a job for a little girl.

Our local history organization has collected 2 1/2 minute snippets of the interviews HERE (click on the audio tab). For any interested in hearing a couple of minutes of my mother’s recollections, here we are.