Day 8

Leaving Epernay, we drove out of Champagne and into Lorraine.

Throughout the trip we avoided freeways and toll roads, sticking instead to small roads in the countryside. The navigational system on the rental car made it easy for us to get from point A to point B, even via the least-traveled roads. I was somewhat surprised to see how rural and farming-oriented it is in this part of France. We saw lots of pastures, dairy and beef cattle, vegetables and commodity crops (corn and soybeans). And vineyards of course. I found it interesting that in Champagne the rows of grapes always run up the slopes of the hills, rather than being terraced. I regret not getting good pictures of the countryside.

We spent the afternoon and evening in the lovely city of Nancy, probably best known for the Place Stanislas, a large 18th century pedestrian courtyard (very much like a Spanish plaza mayor), named for Louis XV’s father in law, the exiled Polish Count who built it. Today it is a World Heritage site, and a fine place to relax after a long day of driving.






I had my favorite meal of the vacation here. At an Italian restaurant.