The Rest of Day 3

Following our return visit to the Musee d’Orsay, we walked to the Pompidou Center to visit the National Museum of Modern Art, regarded as the best collection of modern art in the world other than New York’s MOMA.

A few of my favorites:


Henri Mattise, La Blouse roumaine (1940)



Henri Mattise, Girl with Black Cat (Marguerite) (1910)



Pablo Picasso, Femme nue couchee (1936)




Marcel Duchamps, L.H.O.O.Q. (1930)

Ever the provocateur, Duchamps simply drew a mustache and goatee on a cheap copy of the Mona Lisa, which he bought at the Louvre gift shop. Fittingly, this now hangs behind a kiosk where museum souvenirs are sold. The museum also has a reproduction of Duchamps’ famous “sculpture” titled Fountain, which was in fact nothing but a urinal, upon which he crudely painted the date and the name of the supposed artist “R. Mutt 1917.” He submitted his work to an exposition of avant garde art in 1917, creating the stir he intended.



Jean Dubufett, Jazz Band (Dirty Style Blues) (1944)


Jean Dubuffet, D’hotel nuance d’abricot (1947)


I was pleased to find a Rothko there.


Mark Rothko, Untitled (Black, Red over Black on Red) (1964)



Martial Raysse, Made in Japan–La grande odalisque (1964)


Afterwards we walked to the Notre Dame, but chose not to join the long line of people waiting for admittance. There were no long lines anywhere else we visited–often no lines at all. But there was always a long wait at the Notre Dame.


We ended our day with a visit to the beautiful Sainte-Chapelle. My poor pictures don’t do it justice.



A very fine day indeed.


11 comments on “The Rest of Day 3

  1. avwalters says:

    Ah yes, the Pompidou. Modern architecture run amok. Still the art inside makes it well worth it. Lovely shots of the stained glass. I see that the trip filled your mind and your heart.


    • Bill says:

      Yes it did. Every day was wonderful.
      We enjoyed the views of the city from the top floor of the Center. And the plaza out front was a good place for people watching. The paintings inside the place were also worthwhile. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. valbjerke says:

    I must admit – I would classify myself as ‘art ignorant’ – though I easily recognize many of the photos of paintings you took – I think I would need to see them in person to really appreciate the work. For some odd reason, I lean towards Canadian artists….. Emily Carr, The Group of Seven works….. but these artists would be considered ‘new’ compared to those you were able to see. 😊
    Keep up the vacation posts – I’m a huge fan of the architecture.


    • Bill says:

      Thanks Val. During the first few days of the vacation I stopped journalling. Instead I decided I’d do blog posts when we returned, as a way to make a journal of the trip. So now I’m slowly following through on that, and hoping the posts don’t come off as too self-indulgent.

      The architecture in Paris is beautiful and is most gives the city its charm. It’s unmistakable. For better or worse, there will be plenty of photos featuring interesting architecture before I’m done. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. The architecture! I would take a ton of photos.


  4. Joanna says:

    There is a new Rothko museum in Daugavpils here in Latvia. I haven’t been to Daugavpils yet, it is a few hours drive away and one day no doubt we will make it there 🙂


  5. Annie says:

    So wonderful. I have doubts that I’ll visit again but this sure brings back memories.


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