Garlic Time

It’s time to plant garlic.

Traditionally (here at least) Columbus Day is the day for planting garlic, and traditionally tomorrow is Columbus Day.

But we won’t be planting garlic tomorrow. Over the weekend we got over five inches of rain and now our intended garlic beds are muddy and sloppy. They’ll have to dry out a bit and that’s going to take awhile.

Absent another hurricane it shouldn’t be a problem though. Some people plant their garlic as late as November and that’s fine.

Even as we’re preparing to plant a new crop, we’re still not done processing last year’s garlic. We used to hang our garlic to dry, tying it to cattle panels in a shed. As we increased the amount we plant (we now aim to plant about 1,000 cloves) that just became way too much work. Now we spread it out on upturned vegetable crates and use box fans to dry it out. Eventually, as time permits, we trim the roots and tops off and peel away the top layer of skin. A good job for rainy or wintry days. We’re still working on it.