Day 1


Sunrise over the English Channel

Our overnight flight delivered us to Paris on Monday morning.

Tired and sleep-deprived, we decided to take a taxi into the city rather than the train, thinking it would be quicker and less stressful. That was a mistake. We were caught in the snarl of rush hour traffic, so our trip in took far longer (and cost twice as much) as it would have had we just taken the express.

But eventually we made it to our hotel–Hotel Jardins du Luxembourg, a nice family-owned place on a quiet side street near Luxembourg Gardens, which a friend had recommended.

This was the first time Cherie and I had ever taken a long vacation without kids. We deliberately planned nothing for our first day, other than resting and getting our bearings.


That was a good plan. We checked in, took a long nap, then a long walk. We mapped out a plan for Day 2, and had a nice quiet evening.

Let the vacation commence!