Wishes Matured by Thoughtful Choice

My youthful wishes all fulfilled
Wishes matured by thoughtful choice.
I stood an inmate of this vale,
How could I but rejoice?
Dorothy Wordsworth

Six years ago this month I went into my office for the last time. I was a senior partner in a prestigious law firm, with all the advantages that come with that. Later that morning I packed my car and drove to Virginia, leaving behind a law career I’d been building for over 25 years.

My youthful wishes had included breaking out of this vale that held me inmate–to a life among the educated and affluent. But those youthful wishes mercifully matured by thoughtful choice.

So I came home.

Now I’m a goatherd and a gardener, an inmate once again of this vale–my youthful wishes all fulfilled, in ways I couldn’t have guessed back then.

How can I but rejoice?