Wild Things

Some of the food our farm gives us requires a lot of planning, work and effort on our part.

And some of it requires hardly any–like this beautiful chicken-of-the woods mushroom we found a few days ago.


Some mushroom hunters spend long hours in the woods searching for these delicacies. But we have a trusty old oak right alongside one of our farm roads that sends up one or two of these beauties every year. All we have to do is notice it on our evening walk, cut it off at ground level, take it home, clean it, and, voila, we have an abundance of gourmet mushroom, free of charge.


Prepped and ready for future meals. On Instagram someone commented that it looks like crab legs.

Last year wild edibles were a significant part of our summer diet. We especially enjoyed lambs quarters and we even sold a lot of them at the market. But it was Cherie who gathered the wild edibles, and this year she has a full-time non-farm job. So that responsibility fell on me and I didn’t do it very well. The cultivated food kept me busy and we had way more than we could possibly eat, so I neglected the wild greens. But I did bring home this mushroom and I’m looking forward to the great meals that will feature it.