We’re back from our annual weekend camping trip at the Wild Goose Festival, both refreshed and exhausted.


The view from our campsite


Tent sweet tent




As always, we enjoyed good music and inspiring speakers. Perhaps best of all, we made new friends and we were able to renew and cultivate old friendships we’ve made over the years.

I reckon I can grumble about technology as well as anyone. But, grumblings aside, I’m grateful to live in our ever-shrinking world. Thanks to blogs, Facebook and the like, we’re able to stay connected with friends from around the country and the world. I’m enriched by those connections. The internet enabled us to discover this festival and it enables us to keep in touch with friends we only see in person a few days each year. As far as I’m concerned, that’s entirely a good thing.

Of course our on-line world allows us to develop relationships that don’t require any personal contact. I consider many of you friends, despite the fact that we’ve never met in person and probably never will.

One such friend is Laura Shea of Applewood Farm. I’ve never met Laura, but I’ve long been a fan. She writes beautifully and has a wonderful blog (HERE). She has the rare gift for making posts interesting, informative and witty. I learn from her, and she makes me laugh.

Laura has been on my mind a lot lately. When I read her latest blog post, a month and half ago now, my heart sank.

As a testimony to the awesomeness of Laura and her family, they were able to very quickly raise the money needed for her surgery. The bits of news I’ve seen about her progress are good and encouraging. My hope is that she is on her way to a full recovery, and a healthy and happy future. And of course I hope we’ll be enjoying posts from Applewood Farm again soon.

I don’t have any profound conclusion to offer. I’d prefer a world in which no one hurts. I even choose to believe that kind of world is our destiny. But in the meantime, I call it a good thing that we live in a time when we can share the joys, and the pains, of friends we may never meet in person.