A Great Time of Year

This is the season when the farm becomes wild and unruly, despite our laughable attempts to keep control. It’s impossible to keep up with nature this time of year. She is determined to turn our gardens into jungles.

But along with the relentless weeds and grass, we’re blessed with an avalanche of food.













It’s a great time of year, weeds and all.

I’m very grateful for the community we have here. I appreciate all the excellent comments lately and I’m sorry I’ve been delinquent in responding to them. Thoughtful comments deserve thoughtful replies. So I’ve been waiting till I have a little more time. Soon.

We’re leaving Thursday for our annual long weekend at the Wild Goose Festival. Like every other year, I feel a little uneasy about being away from the farm for four days. And like every other year, I’m sure the farm will manage just fine without me.

For you fellow Wild Goosers who may be interested, I’ll be speaking on Creation Care and Responsible Meat Consumption on Sunday morning at 9:30. Looking forward to reconnecting with everyone!


23 comments on “A Great Time of Year

  1. BeeHappee says:

    Bill, have fun at the Wild Goosers, it sounds increxible, and we will be looking forward for the updates.
    The bounty looks amazing. I was showing your mushroom cultivation to my dad and I have a question: do your mushrooms get worms in them? If so, how do you keep them out? Many wild mushrooms in the woods here can get pretty wormy.


    • Bill says:

      We haven’t had any problem with worms in the mushrooms, but we do have a problem with ants. We just brush and wash them out. The last time we found a big chicken-of-the-woods it had some bugs and bug damage, but it was such a large mushroom that we just cut that part off.

      I’ve been enjoying the photos from your travels. You’re certainly giving your kids a great education!

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  2. shoreacres says:

    I’m so glad to see all that goodness in your fields. And i can’t believe it’s time for the Wild Goose Festival again. I have a hard enough time leaving my cat — I can’t imagine what it would be like to leave a whole farm! But it will be fine, and you’ll come back refreshed, and all will be good.


  3. NebraskaDave says:

    Bill, you are so far ahead of my garden. There are lots of blooms on the tomatoes but only five harvested so far. I pulled one tiny cucumber a couple days ago because they seem to grow so fast and I wasn’t going to be at the garden for a couple days. Last year I waited and they they would balloon up huge over night it seemed. So this year I’m picking them small instead of waiting. Every thing looks great this year with the fences finished.

    Have a great Goose Festival vacation and talk.


    • Bill says:

      I’ve been so delinquent in responding to comments, that I’m just now getting around to comments from two weeks ago. Then the veggies were just starting to arrive. Now we’re awash in them, so we’re eating like organic royalty. 🙂

      You’re right about the cukes. Zukes too. I pick once a day and if I leave a little one on the vine, it will be an enormous over-sized whopper the very next day.


  4. avwalters says:

    Nearly ripe tomatoes! Up north, we have only tiny green ones. You’re way ahead of us!


  5. Love seeing all of your produce. I was down with my back at planting time so nothing got planted until mid to late May . Didn’t get nearly as much planted as I wanted too either 😦 I do have Zucchini already though @!!@


  6. Susan says:

    Hope you guys have a great time on your long weekend away.
    And the produce looks amazing. I’m stuck at snap peas and lettuce. Sometimes it’s hell to live up north…….


    • Bill says:

      Well, if it makes you feel any better, we miss our lettuce! Cherie bought some last week from a friend who grows it hydroponically. But I know that in a few months we’ll have plenty of lettuce and we’ll be missing squash and tomatoes. 🙂


  7. Laurie Graves says:

    Are you familiar with the writer and environmentalist Rachel Peden? She and her husband lived on a farm in Indiana. Here is what she wrote about gardens: “A garden makes me feel useful, poetic, comforted, overworked…I always promise to be faithful to this one, but every year the weeds are more faithful than I. After all, they have nothing else to do, of course. Once every summer I pull them all, but weeds can work full time at regrowing, and I cannot work full time at destroying them.”

    Anyway, thought you’d appreciate her sentiment 😉 Have a wonderful four days away from the farm.


    • Bill says:

      That’s very well put Laurie. Our weeds are working overtime. This is the time of year when I just can’t keep up with them and our gardens start to look like embarrassing jungles. As much as I love summer, I know autumn will tame things and I’m kinda looking forward to that. 🙂


  8. Hope you and Cheri have a wonderful holiday, Bill. Great photos of your obviously happy gardens: )


  9. Not being familiar with the Wild Goose Festival, Bill, I looked it up. It sounds like a wonderfully creative and positive celebration of Christianity as it should be… your and Cheri’s kind of place. –Curt


    • Bill says:

      This was the sixth year of the festival and we’ve been to all of them. The first one gave me the push I needed to finally quit my soul-sucking job. 🙂

      It’s no Burning Man of course, but it’s good for us. We do hope there is a Burning Man in our future.


  10. All looking ripe and delicious Bill.. and yes the allotments too have got busy.. We have most of the above except the Chilli pepper? and the Blackberries will ripen in late Aug Sept.. Great Photo’s


    • Bill says:

      Thanks Sue. That’s actually a banana pepper. It has a little heat but is the mildest hot pepper I know. We had so many cayennes last year that I think we’re fixed for hot sauce for the rest of my life. 🙂

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