Taking Pictures


Hummingbirds at sunset

I took this on my mama’s front porch, at sunset a couple of weeks ago. I really like the picture. A lucky shot.

I recently read that more photographs will be taken this year than in all other years before this one combined. It’s amazing what cheap digital cameras embedded in our “phones” has enabled.

I remember the days when you had to buy film, which wasn’t cheap, then send it off to be developed after you’d taken the pictures, which also wasn’t cheap. And you never knew if the pictures were going to “come out” or not. I can recall many disappointments.

Maybe we overdo it now. But I for one am glad for the technology that allows us to take so many pictures, and to do it so inexpensively.

I enjoy noodling around with my phone/camera, capturing images from around the farm. I post them occasionally on Instagram, so follow me there if you’re interested.

I never would’ve gotten that hummingbird shot in the good old days. I took a lot of photos in order to get it (all in less than 30 seconds). And I didn’t have to buy any film or pay anyone to develop it. Here’s a few of the outtakes.