The Wildlife

We share this farm with lots of undomesticated animals, providing us with scenes ranging from the beautiful (such as the sight of a blue heron gracefully winging toward our pond) to the undesirable (such as the snake I discovered slithering toward our chicken coop yesterday). I see so much wildlife every day that it’s easy to start taking it for granted.

We’ve been setting up a trail cam along a farm road on the other side of our place and we’ve captured some interesting images, some of which I shared in a post a few weeks ago. The trail cam allows us to see animals that are careful to avoid our presence, and allows us to see critters that aren’t on alert due to us being around.

We hear coyotes frequently, but I’ve never actually seen one. But we did catch this one recently on the trail cam.



I see deer here everyday. But to see a doe and her fawn up close like this is extremely rare.


This impressive buck was curious about the camera. Without it I couldn’t have had a view like this.






So far we haven’t captured anything particularly exotic or bizarre. If there are cougars or panthers here, as many have reported, maybe we’ll yet capture an image of one. If I correctly identified the fisher I think I saw last year, maybe the camera will confirm my belief.

Meanwhile, I’m still not sure what this is. Coyote? It could be a fox, but it seems too large to me. But maybe I just don’t have a good scale on it.




And I wonder what is going on here? Same spot, nearly three hours later.