Goat Babies

New kids arrived on the farm about a month ago and I’ve been remiss is sharing their cuteness. Time to remedy that.


Note the milk mouth


Her twin has magnificent ears


This guy was born a couple of weeks later, also with a twin. 


The first set of twins, at about 4 weeks old

Penny and Wendy, the goat mamas who had these kids, are among our oldest goats. These may be their last kids.

As always, it’s great to see kids playing in the pasture–truly one of the joys of this life.


14 comments on “Goat Babies

  1. shoreacres says:

    Never, ever, will I stop oohing and aahing over these kids. They are the cutest things in the world, I swear.

    I meant to mention a book to you — I hope it’s not too late. The book, by Leonard Pitt, is called “Walks through Lost Paris.” It divides the city into sections, and provides comparative photos from before Haussmann’s great tear down-rebuild and after. Photographers like Charles Marville set out to document the old city before the buildings were torn down, so with the book in hand as you walk, you can see today’s Paris, and envision the old. It’s a fascinating read, and would make a terrific guide book.

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    • Bill says:

      That sounds like a great book. Thanks for the recommendation, which I’ll pass on to Cherie. She’s planning the Paris portion of our visit. We are planning to do some walking tours.


  2. Laurie Graves says:

    Oh, those kids! Yes, you must always share their pictures with us. Too bad they couldn’t know they have a fan in Maine 😉


  3. WhirldWorks says:

    There are few things cuter than a baby goat

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    • Bill says:

      I agree. As I’ve often said, it would be easy for me to turn this blog into nothing but baby goat pictures. And that might well improve it. 🙂


  4. NebraskaDave says:

    Bill, it’s always good to see healthy additions to the White Flint Farm family. I hope all is well with you and all the kids. It’s been hot and dry here. in spite of the lack of rain and hot temperatures, I harvested my first tomato. It’s waiting to be sliced up and made into a sandwich. I know Bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwiches are frowned upon in your area but here it signifies the true beginning of summer harvest.

    Have a great day watching playful kids.


    • Bill says:

      I envy your tomato. We’ll still at least a week away. And it’s not so much they we frown on BLTs here as it is people just don’t know about them. I never heard of them until after I was grown and moved away. Our summertime sandwich is just tomato and mayo (Dukes, of course). Some people add salt and pepper, but that’s it. Lettuce doesn’t grow here in the heat of summer so we’d have to buy it. But I never knew anybody to put lettuce on a sandwich when I was growing up. Just a different food culture.

      Our squash and peppers have started coming in and eggplant should arrive any day now. It’s nice to be transitioning to a new season!


  5. Don’t come much cuter, Bill. The mama does are beginning to bring their fawns around. Pretty cute there as well. –Curt


    • Bill says:

      I haven’t seen any fawns in person yet this year, but we did get some nice photos of a doe and fawn on our trail cam. Fawns are cute of course, but I’m partial to kids.


  6. Susan says:

    Even at such a young age, they have that look about them that says—I’m gonna eat a LOT of your garden–if given the chance.


  7. Scott says:

    Nice looking kids there Bill. 🙂


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