Gone Fishing

I didn’t go fishing enough last year. I aim to fix that this year.

We have a pond on the farm, stocked with large mouth bass  and catfish. It provides all the fish I eat. Of course, I do have to go the trouble of catching them first.

I’m good at coming with excuses for not going fishing. During the day there always seems to be some more important tasks that need doing instead. The best time of day for fishing, in my experience, is late afternoon, just before it gets dark. But we like to go for a walk after supper and by the time we’re done it’s usually nearly dark, leaving me no time for fishing. So the fish chill safely in the pond, rather than in our refrigerator.

My plan this year is to carve out a regular fishing time each week. It might mean that one day a week I go fishing instead of going on the walk. We’ll see.

For many years my  work required me to travel a lot, leaving Cherie and the kids at home. This week the tables have finally turned. Cherie is in California for a World Help conference, leaving me here alone.

It seems strange not having her here, but it did mean that without my walking partner I could make other plans this evening.

So while Cherie is away helping save the world, I went fishing.

But after just a couple of casts (and they were biting), it started raining and I ended up getting rained out.



Oh well. No fish tonight–but we really needed the rain.

Maybe tomorrow.