To Memphis and Back

I’m back comfortably in the bosom of  White Flint after a quick trip to Memphis. I’ve only been away from the farm overnight a handful of times over the last five years. I was reminded of some of the things I dislike about traveling and it feels good to be back home.

I had a good reason for going to Memphis. I’m honored and pleased that Organic Wesley was chosen Wesleyan Book of the Year by Christ Church UMC and I went there to receive the award. While there I was interviewed on a local television show that will air soon. I confess that it felt nice to get the pat on the back.

I had a little down time yesterday before the event and I spent a lot of it visiting the National Civil Rights Museum. It was a powerful and moving experience. I recommend it to anyone who visits Memphis and can spare a few hours.



I didn’t have time to take in the musical history sites. I just waved at Sun Studio as I drove by. But I did walk over to Beale Street for lunch. It’s certainly changed a lot since my visit 28 years ago. Then it was seedy and largely abandoned. Only the Rum Boogie Cafe was open and operating. Now it’s still seedy, but crowded with clubs and tourists, even in the middle of the day in the middle of the week. It’s not the Beale Street of the past of course, but it’s good to know it’s alive and kicking.


The catfish supper I enjoyed the previous night exploded in my stomach like a grenade about an hour after I ate it. A decade of a diet of almost entirely all healthy homegrown food has evidently left my innards unwilling to accept the deep fried things I once loved. So for lunch I had a veggie burger. I know. Eating a veggie burger in a Southern food paradise like Memphis is akin to sacrilege. But I couldn’t risk another intestinal rebellion. Sigh.

Memphis is a funky town with a lot of soul. I hope to visit again someday. As I was was waiting to catch my plane, “Crazy Arms” by Jerry Lee Lewis was playing in the airport. How can you not love a town like that?