Good People



This was my admittance ticket for my visit to Sun Studio nearly 28 years ago. It was such an awesome experience that I’ve been carrying that ticket in my billfold ever since.

And now, all these years later, I’m in Memphis again. But, sadly, without time to visit the shrines of American music. Maybe next time.

But I did have time to visit the Soulfish Cafe for a supper of catfish, hush puppies, cole slaw and collard greens. It was off-the-charts good.

I’m on east coast time so I ate early. There weren’t many people in the restaurant with me. The only other table had four young people, two young black men with¬†two young black women.

As I was enjoying my catfish supper an elderly white woman came in and picked up take-out. On the way to her car, visible to us through the restaurant window, she fell in the parking lot. Almost quicker than I could process what had happened, those two young men had rushed outside to help her. They helped her to her feet, made sure she was OK, then came back inside to resume their meals. A simple act of kindness. No doubt there are literally millions of them every day. But it made me smile, knowing that such things reflect who we are as people, and they never make the news. I even felt a little ashamed at myself that those young men had reacted more quickly than I did.

They were quicker to their feet than I was, but I wasn’t left without a chance to help. I paid their tab and asked their waitress not to tell them until I was gone. I wasn’t going to let those guys have all the fun.