We’re trying to have a different attitude on the farm this year. When we started out we were aiming to be homesteaders who sold our surplus. But over time it seemed that some kind of farming mission creep occurred and our emphasis and effort shifted to commercial farming and market gardening. We’ve decided it’s time to return to our original intent. We want to put our focus back on homesteading, first and foremost.

So that means scaling back in some ways. We have all the same gardens as before, but lower expectations for them. We’ll still grow most of our own food, but we may (or many not) have as much left over for the markets. Our freezers are full, so we’re going to take a break from raising pigs this year.

Cherie accepted a job with World Help, where she’s working with one of her colleagues from her time with Danita’s Children. That kind of work is her passion and she’s excited to be doing it again. She works from home, but it’s a full-time position, so I can’t rely on her to carry as much of the load around here anymore. When we started this life one of my objectives was to make sure that we didn’t take on anything around here that I couldn’t do by myself. But with Cherie available to help, over time I bit off quite a bit more than I could chew alone. This year I’ll be trying to stay focused on keeping the work load manageable.

Most importantly, we’re going to be more relaxed about things. No stress.

We’ve even taken the radical step (for us) of planning a vacation, after 12 years without one.

We’re calling it our “Office Space” attitude (which will make sense to those of you who’ve seen that movie). We joke that now that we have lower expectations, we’ll probably have our most successful year ever.

I don’t know about that. But however it turns out, we don’t intend to fret about it.