Ahead of the Rain

Yesterday was a 15 hour planting marathon here. I put in all of our transplants, finishing up by headlamp.


Cherry blossoms at sunrise

If they grow, and if the deer don’t eat them first, we should have lots of lettuce, Chinese cabbage, bok choy, kale, collards, broccoli and Swiss chard (to go along with our direct-seeded crops).



I’m a little rusty after a quiet winter, so all the bending and squatting has me feeling a little stiff and creaky this morning as I wait for the coffee to kick in.

So why didn’t I just break it into a two-day job? After all, here in the South today is the traditional day for planting gardens.

The answer is that it was important to get it done ahead of last night’s forecast rain. For planting, the soil can’t be muddy. And it’s important to give the transplants a nice drink of water after they’re in the ground.

But it didn’t rain. Drats.

It looks like I will probably spend a lot of today laying drip irrigation lines.