Two and a half years ago, after a long time wishing that there was an organized community of folks around here who share our interests, Cherie and I started up a group she named Piedmont Sustainable Living. We organized it through Meetup, scheduled the first gathering at our farm, and wondered if anyone would show up.

That turned out to be one of the smartest things we’ve done since taking up this lifestyle. Our group has grown into a great little community of friends with a shared interest in homesteading, voluntary simplicity and sustainable living. We gather once a month, usually at our place, for fellowship, a potluck supper and a discussion. In February we discussed spring planting  dates. In January the topic was medicinal herbs.

Last Saturday we gathered on a friends’ farm to inoculate mushroom logs. So instead of me spending a day or two alone in the barn plugging away, we all gathered to do it together. In 3 hours we plugged about 100 logs. It was good fun, in good company, and will produce lots of good food.






Our new logs won’t produce mushrooms until the fall. But we don’t have to wait that long. Yesterday we picked some shiitakes off our older logs and Cherie gathered some oyster mushrooms from the woods. And they went into spaghetti sauce that went into us.