The First Sunday of the New Year

We continue to enjoy beautiful mild weather. We haven’t had a harsh winter day yet.

We’re preparing for our annual year-end thorough review of the farm and we’ll be making important decisions about next year and the future over the next week. That kept me inside more than I would’ve preferred yesterday.

But I made time to harvest some broccoli and cabbage.



Cherie is making a couple of cabbage lasagnas (one with venison and one without) and the broccoli will be turned into soup, broccoli salad or both. As I often say, meal time is the best part of this life.

Before supper we went on a long walk down the pond road.





A pleasant way to end the first weekend of the new year.



18 comments on “The First Sunday of the New Year

  1. Buffy says:

    I’m so jealous of your winter veggies!


  2. shoreacres says:

    That photo of the pond is lovely. So’s the late afternoon light, as a matter of fact. Even in winter, it can be golden and warm. We have a couple of sunny days coming up, and everyone is feeling happier because of it.


  3. Laurie Graves says:

    Those winter veggies are beautiful! And what a lovely walk.


  4. Joanna says:

    The broccoli and cabbage made me smile. It was -23C (-9F) here this morning and it had snowed gently for much of yesterday and so we have a good covering of snow now. Not so mild as you have but not unusual


  5. avwalters says:

    We did a long walk last evening, as well. Looks a lot like yours, only with snow. Yesterday we put insulation boxes around the beehives–we’re headed into the teens and single digits. I am jealous of your late season harvests, cabbage, after a light frost is my favorite.


    • Bill says:

      We’re going down to 20 the next two nights. It’s the first real cold we’ve had this year, but probably not the last. I’m worried about some of the things in the gardens but we can’t complain considering how great the weather has been to this point.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. BeeHappee says:

    Great capture of the reflection. We have a few chives sticking out from under the snow. But otherwise, I stood in the produce line with sad nostalgia for the bagfulls of muddy carrots and bug-laced arugula. Miss it so much.


  7. Zambian Lady says:

    I did not realize that some vegetables can thrive in winter in VA – I learn something new everyday. I like the photos of the winding path and can imagine how rejuvenating it would be to take a walk there.


    • Bill says:

      As long as the temps don’t stay below freezing for a couple of days we can usually keep the gardens going through the winter. This year has been especially good, as we’ve had unusually warm weather.


  8. Dearest Bill,
    You harvested some great quality broccoli and cabbage and I can say so, being the daughter of a true market gardener.
    Today my Dad turned 95 and as we called him this morning in The Netherlands we felt blessed in many ways.
    My flu is almost over and I can make my blogger rounds again. Catching up on so many things but try not to overdo the first days.


    • Bill says:

      How wonderful that you still have your father at age 95. A blessing indeed. 🙂

      We just enjoyed a delicious supper of cabbage lasagna. In addition to fresh from the garden cabbage, it had shiitake mushrooms, squash, peppers and herbs we grew. Mine had venison from the farm too. We’re fortunate to have so much good food here.

      Glad you’re feeling better Mariette.

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  9. Love the reflection of the trees in the pond. Thanks for taking us along on your walk.


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