Annie’s in the Infirmary

Just as I was returning from the processor with our pork a few days ago, a neighbor came over to tell us that we had a dead goat in the front pasture. And just as he drove away I got a text from another neighbor sending the same information: “I think you have a dead goat in your pasture.”

Sadly, it happens. Sometimes goats die and often we really don’t know why.

Once we had all the meat put away I went up to the front pasture to see what had happened. From the gate I could see a goat in the distance lying flat on the ground with no other goats around. I sighed and walked out to retrieve the body. But fortunately when I got to her I could see that she was weak and sick, but her eyes were telling me “I’m not dead yet.”


But seriously, it was Annie, the 9 month old daughter of Bianca. She’s been undersized and sickly her whole short life, which is why we held her back from sale this year. I carried her to the tractor and let her ride in my lap back to the barn. There I closed off a stall, which will serve as a temporary infirmary. I gave her a wormer and some red cell, along with her own personal bale of hay and bowl of sweet feed. A clever animal would fake illness to get that kind of treatment.


She seems much better now. I’m not ready to let her out into the pasture yet, but I did bring her cousin Fannie down to keep her company.


Hopefully in a few days she’ll be strong enough to go back out with the herd.

Goats. It’s always something.

Happy New Year y’all!


15 comments on “Annie’s in the Infirmary

  1. What a happy story this is and perfect for beginning the new year. I love that you brought her cousin to keep her company. Maybe Annie is more clever than you realize … she saw what you did with the pigs…. :)))

    Happy New Year, to you and Cherie!

    Love the Monty Python bit … πŸ™‚

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    • Bill says:

      We had a male kid fake an illness once when it was time to go to market. He outsmarted me. But I’m pretty sure little Annie isn’t faking.

      I let the two of them out of the stall today and they wandered out into the pasture. A little while later I saw them running back toward the barn. It was clear something had frightened them. As I looked around for a potential predator it dawned on me. They were running because they saw the horse. They’re used to living with a rouge buck deer, but they’ve never seen a horse before. They retreated to the safety of their stall. πŸ™‚


  2. BeeHappee says:

    Watch it, she may be turning into a 2016 Monkey. Don’t be surprised to hear funny sounds from that infirmary!


  3. Joanna says:

    Glad to see there is a happier tale than the one you feared.

    We have a poorly chicken in the infirmary – she’s an old bird that we have wondered for the last two years if she was going to make it through the winter. This autumn she looked leaner and fitter – a good sign for a broiler chicken, but today her poor feet were frozen. One of our alpacas is not liking the slide in temperatures either but then again it was around +8C (46F) last week and -15C (5F) this week, no wonder she is shivering.


    • Bill says:

      Winter is hard on weak animals here too. Must be much harder there. All we can do, it seems to me, is give them their best chance. We’re fortunate this year that almost all the kidding happened during our unseasonably warm weather. It’s about to get cold, but the kids are fat, healthy and ready for it.

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  4. shoreacres says:

    Fannie and Annie. That’s funny. I had a great-aunt Fannie, too. I do love your names.

    I hope all’s well by now. It does remind me a bit of how much we liked being sick as kids (!!!) once we weren’t really sick, but couldn’t go back to school. Staying in bed? Getting hot chocolate? A new coloring book? You bet!

    Happy New Year to you and Cheri!


  5. Ice cream. Maybe that will work. That’s what I always got when I was sick. Rambo, the neighbors goat escaped this morning. He’s the one that came to visit us last summer. Jim found him and lured him back inside but I heard Jim muttering something about goat curry. –Curt


  6. ladyfi says:

    Sweet goats! Wishing her health and you too.


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