Annie’s in the Infirmary

Just as I was returning from the processor with our pork a few days ago, a neighbor came over to tell us that we had a dead goat in the front pasture. And just as he drove away I got a text from another neighbor sending the same information: “I think you have a dead goat in your pasture.”

Sadly, it happens. Sometimes goats die and often we really don’t know why.

Once we had all the meat put away I went up to the front pasture to see what had happened. From the gate I could see a goat in the distance lying flat on the ground with no other goats around. I sighed and walked out to retrieve the body. But fortunately when I got to her I could see that she was weak and sick, but her eyes were telling me “I’m not dead yet.”


But seriously, it was Annie, the 9 month old daughter of Bianca. She’s been undersized and sickly her whole short life, which is why we held her back from sale this year. I carried her to the tractor and let her ride in my lap back to the barn. There I closed off a stall, which will serve as a temporary infirmary. I gave her a wormer and some red cell, along with her own personal bale of hay and bowl of sweet feed. A clever animal would fake illness to get that kind of treatment.


She seems much better now. I’m not ready to let her out into the pasture yet, but I did bring her cousin Fannie down to keep her company.


Hopefully in a few days she’ll be strong enough to go back out with the herd.

Goats. It’s always something.

Happy New Year y’all!